At Van Marcke Foods we work with a team of 25 employees as specialised (co) producers in the chips- and snackmarket. In our factory we are producing chips with 30% less fat, beautiful color and a ten times lower acrylamide level than traditional chips. We also produce a wide range of snack-pellets.


Van Marcke Foods


Van Marcke Foods started in 2003 as a family business. At that time, we almost created fifteen years experience in the market of fruit and vegetable chips. Today we produce in our factory - with an area of 7,000 m2 - chips and snack-pellets for industry and retail.


The fried chips are made from potatoes and various vegetables such as carrot, beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato. We use a patenteted frying system which brings important advantages to the quality of our products. Our compact organization is method characterized by short lines, flexibility, customization and producing small runs.

Crispy chips, 100% natural


Our chips are produced in a unique manner of carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, parsnip and potato variety. Using innovative technology and frying using pure sunflower oil, 100% natural ingredients and the processing of natural and delicious flavors, we deliver a quality product that looks good and tastes fantastic.

Top quality snack-pellets


In many shapes, colors and flavors. Only natural ingredients are used.

Van Marcke Foods

Handelsweg 10, 4421 SJ  Kapelle-Biezelinge (The Netherlands).

Tel.: 0031 (0)113 333 080

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